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We believe that every community deserves a great church. The church needs to have a positive impact on the community. Local missions are an opportunity where our church reaches out into the community meeting needs, encouraging and connecting people to Jesus. We are involved in a number of community projects.


“Making Great Things Possible”


STITCH2STITCH, a skills training programme for single unemployed mothers, in collaboration with LUS- PIN, a sewing design enterprise, is all about empowering women so that they can impact their communities. This initiative forms part of the social justice programme


To provide training and skills development to facilitate financial independence for socially and financially disadvantaged single, unemployed women who are parents living in and around Khayelitsha.

Our five-year plan includes the following:

  • To have our own premises that can be well equipped and set up to run both the training and the Incubation System. Currently we must set up and set down daily. On 23 November 2019 we accomplished this with the opening of the STITCH2STITCH/ LUS-PIN training center in Khayelitsha.
  • To offer the women selected to join the sewing business an advanced sewing course to improve and develop their skills.
  • To purchase a vehicle so that trainees can be collected for training. It is a challenge for trainees to cover the transport costs required to complete the programme as they are unemployed and often rely on kind to cover this cost.
  • To be able to employ staff which would include:

Project Manager

Lecturers for all the subjects taught

  • To purchase industrial machines and industrial over lockers. This goal was accomplished in 2017 with the acquisition of an industrial sewing machine and an industrial overlocker.


To equip women with the necessary skills to produce merchandise of a standard that can be sold to generate an income.


Women who graduate from the programme and who start their own small business.
To equip women with basic, fundamental entrepreneurship skills to equip them with the ability to manage their skills in a manner that will result in the potential of a regular income being generated.


Women who graduate and who can find employment and improve their quality of life because of a steady income.
To encourage and to restore self- worth and dignity.


Women who are confident enough to apply for positions of employment or to start their own small business.
To encourage sustainability and financial independence.


Offer women the opportunity to join the Business Incubation period. This includes guidance and assistance in forming a co-op.
To assist in improving the quality of life of the people on the programme.


Graduates who receive employment or who successfully start and run their own small businesses.
To restore dignity of women affected by lack


Once the trainees graduate S2S maintains contact with the trainees. Several of the graduating trainees return to the project as lecturers and assistant lecturers.
To empower trainees towards becoming financially independent. Invite top trainees to be a part of the Incubation System. Trainees would sign a contract regarding this which would be reviewed every 6 months.
Trainees would be provided with intensive training on how to lead and manage others whilst in the Incubation System. This training would assist them in the co-op and in managing their own business. TO PROTECT DIGNITY TO RESTORE DIGNITY


Testimonies from programme trainees

Sindiswa  Ntlantlu

I have learnt so many things from S2S. The following are skills I have learnt, sewing, computer skills, craft, business skills, loving people and communicating well with people.

I am really thankful for S2S because I also learnt on how to open a business.

The S2S team are also very patient with people. They are excellent teachers.

Interaction with people has been a good thing for me. Meeting and working as a team with new people has been an advantage for me. I have learnt how to be confident. I am happy with all I have learnt at S2S.

Location of Project

 Physical Address:           

A547 Zakhele Street, Khayelitsha



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ACCOUNT NUMBER: 10174196375