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John is a visionary leader who has served the local church in ministry for 30 years. He is a man of extravagant faith who dreams big. He lives to see people find Jesus, discover their purpose who become people of influence making God’s name famous.

Debbie has been married to John for 30 years. They have an adult daughter who is a post grad psychology student. Debbie has been in the full time ministry for 20 years. She has served in various leadership roles in both the private sector and the church. She currently serves as the Executive Pastor at a|CITY CHURCH. She lives to see people find wholeness and restoration so as to live empowered lives of destiny.

Both John and Debbie are authentic people who love God unapologetically and who will do whatever it takes to see people find Christ.

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John Sloane

Senior Leader

Debbie Sloane

Senior Leader

Hilton Mentor

Executive Member

Robyn Moore

a|CITY KIDS Director

Ethan White

Creative Communication Director